• Hydrocorn

    hydrocorn What is Hydrocorn?

    Hydrocorn are clay pebbles that are baked in furnaces as a substitute to soil in alternative gardening. Although not as popular as perlite or coconut coir, they can be considered as good growing medium on both hydroponic and aquaponic systems. Basically, they are similar to the conventional clay pebbles used in alternative gardening.

    In gardening, hydrocorn are good growing mediums as they retain water at a decent level. You can rest assured that your plants are getting adequate water whenever you use them on your gardening system. They also provide enough oxygen for the plants to breathe and grow properly as they are porous materials. Such media is excellent when you use the hydroponic system Ebb and Flow. Aside from its ability to retain water, it does not easily get shoved by the system.

    The only downside with hydrocorn is that they are quite expensive as compared to the other growing mediums. Such type of clay pebbles can consume a significant chunk of your budget if you have a big hydroponic or aquaponic system. Looking past the downside though, the benefits outweigh the disadvantages in the long run.

    In case you are planning on growing plants organically, you will definitely have a good time using either aquaponic or hydroponic gardening systems. Both systems are capable of providing quality results to the grower. You can also expect less hassle with such systems as they minimize the problems for you. Aquaponic gardening also allows you to grow plants without spending your money on various expensive fertilizers. Aside from the money you earn from harvesting your crops, you can also benefit from selling the fish you raise in your tanks.